Friday, March 29, 2013

Cream For The Feral House Lion


Cream For The Feral House Lion

I liked it when
you'd shadowdance
silent across the electric grass
for your dawn saucer of cream
beige on beige, yellow-eyed dream
giving back less than a cat
but still, absently
clawing away
some of the grey on grey.

Now there's just drought and
wind, empty as the exhale
of copper-sweet cat's breath
or bleaching kudo hide,
only the grit in my knee
grinding, no music of bones
nor dance of the mind,
no purr-rumbled words,
their inexplicable comfort;

nothing left of
you, not the bouyant
Archimedean arc of your desires,
your moon-sown Tarot
serpent sure, lion wild;
just the bin in oblivion
where all your tawny messages
have come to feed
feline soft in the long 
savanna summer.

~March 2013

Lion staring

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Challenge:Transforming Fridays
The ever-inspiring Hannah Gosselin gives us another of her biome-centric challenges, this time to express the voice of the wildlife of the savanna. (As always, my wildlife may vary from others' wildlife.)

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paper Dolls

Black & White Paper Doll


She put her gypsy slipper
down in his devil's dance,
drank from an indigo dipper
the shaman spit of trance.
His jesuitical jive
was the music that kept her alive;
in each mask she put crosswise
her own wash denim eyes,
then cut paperdoll lovers apart
from the thin
parchment skin
of a roadkill heart.


~March 2013

55 flat dolls in a chain for   the g-man

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Out The Window

La Lunette d'Approche, Rene Magritte

Out the Window 


You tell me I'm blind
but  I see too much.
I see the sea that isn’t there
paws padding over powderblue plains,
pale armadas riding the waves
cargoed with darkness;
the white dead faces of all the past,
their pincers and pins, their coals
for eyes. 
I see no end.

Mujer espiritu de la noche, Remedios Varo


I tossed up from my heart the garland
 that grew from invisible seed
for the moon-maid to wear in her hair,
saw only her drawn face snow-blinded
saw  ice in her eisenglass stare
there's no help here,
just the moonmad maenad
with her white teeth that tear.

~March 2013

posted for   real toads
Challenge: Words Count with Mama Zen
The ever succinct Mama Zen has asked us to look out of the window and see...darkness.  The trick was keeping it to 50 words--so I cheated and separated my double vision.

Process notes: eisenglass = isinglass, properly, a transparent substance made from the swim bladders of fish used in cooking and parchment repair, but colloquially, a form of mica, per wikipedia:

"Thin transparent sheets of mica called "isinglass" were used for peepholes in boilers, lanterns, stoves, and kerosene heaters because they were less likely to shatter than glass when exposed to extreme temperature gradients. Such peepholes were also used in "isinglass curtains" in horse-drawn carriages and early 20th century cars."

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