Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Velvet

Dream caused by the flight of a bee round a pomegranate~Dali

Black Velvet

When the claw hammer came down
it was wrapped in black velvet,
soft as the glimmering
mermaid eye of night.
The delicate smash was
tied up in scarlet,
a thin cord that throbbed
an umbilicus of darkness from
shadow to form.

After the shatter, one piece 
of the wreckage
was curt as a heartbeat, thin as
a moth's tongue, small as blood-drops
from poet's dreams, lover's minutes
but inside washed the ocean,
selkies' coral-lace palaces,
the faerie summit dancing
under the hill.

Cast off were the crackings,
the beast with nine heads,
the cackling kraken, the half-broken
tigers, the wolfen brigade;
all howled from the rupture
furred in red mourning

and tears for the one
who can't tell
them apart.

The Dream~Damien Hirst

~March 2013

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Challenge: Fireblossom Friday
The inimitable Fireblossom asks us "to write a poem about a crack, fissure, rupture, split, or breaking point."

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  1. Before composing myself for a comment, I read your tags and thought how well each phrase sums up what I want to say about this poem but cannot articulate. It makes me feel the way I do when falling into abstract art: awestruck, entranced by the vision and in wonder at the mind that conceives. Thank you for his beautiful mindscape, Hedge.

  2. and if your heartbreaking imagery wasn't enough, you slaughtered with your final three lines. Thin cord, moth's tongue, the splinters furred; and the imminent power of subtle in an arena of beasts. great work, Hedge.

  3. Well, that's it. I'm shaving my head.

  4. dang...what got me most was the close actually...those that cant tell the difference...they are the ones that hurt my heart you know....the breaking as well to get to the real stuff..sometimes that is what must happen...

  5. Full of so much wonderful use of words and imagery--and that last line so strong! Well, done.

  6. I loved this, hedgewitch. Such gorgeous imagery and a tension that only a crack or fissure could cause.

  7. I like the dark umbilicus(!) and the truly inspired and poetic similes and animal images illustrating the vast differences in proportion and weight between the 2nd and third stanzas. It's Dali-esque indeed, but for all that, it's got a clarity at its heart.

    Thanks for gracing my challenge with such a remarkable poem, Hedge. Shall we pitch in and buy MZ a hat?

    1. I hear scarves are the happening thing these days. I try not to think of mine as a bandage. Thanks Shay--great challenge.

  8. Your similes are simply lovely! This was magic.

  9. Darn good write..the second stanza really struck me as a powerhouse of words..

  10. I am at a loss for words, this is simply amazing. Every line, every word.

  11. Beautifully original imagery and ideas. Also there is a wonderful subtle shape here - the beginning with the claw hammer and ending up with all these clawed things on the outside - the detritus. (Nobody likes to be detritus.) The beginning with the tie in scarlet - and ending with all that bloody fur. The umbilicus of darkness from shadow to form is actually probably my favorite line - but all those descriptions great too . (I am too tired to write more.) But I like that one could read the final tears also as tears - (like more fissures) so that there are not only the crackings off for all those actively kind of manic-vicious ones - but tears (rips) for those that can't tell the difference. --Like a Dantean lesser circle of hell for the oblivious, non-discriminating. Of course, I can read it the other way too - as sympathetic and compassionate for those. But I think there are always resonances that are worth sounding as give a greater richness (like an echo).

  12. Too wonderful: "small as blood-drops from poet's dreams", and "all howled from the rupture furred in red mourning". Oh my. Incredible writing!

  13. I'm awestruck at your descriptions and images created.
    Thank you so very much for sharing.

  14. Your whole poem was like a painting, pulling so many different images and colours and feelings. The last line was heartbreaking.

    Congratulations and best wishes for your book :)

  15. okay, you know you're in trouble when the spam right above you is more insightful than what you considered saying. sigh.
    this took me from horror to something else, brilliantly. maybe i should try barking louder!

    1. I can't stop laughing so loud....first MZ and then that profit margin and now this....

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  16. The picture you have conjured up is surreal. I got to see new words and stylish construction. I wish you would add a bit of your idea's breakdown as a footnote so that newbies like me could validate our understanding of your words.

  17. Certainly one of my favorites! Really wonderful!

  18. I'm sure I stepped into a prism with this read; piercing shadow, casting light and leaving me awe-inspired. The stuff of mythological legend told with a crunch. I don't think any poet I've encountered online does this as well as you do.


  19. A song for Jewel . .. ?
    Nice listen


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats