Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Art of Smothering

Eyjafjallajökull ash plume

 The Art of Smothering

I remember when
you arsoned smoky fire
from a touch
on a turning page.

Now you’re
the spark arrestor
heat suppressor
insuring nothing

The hazel extinguisher
of your foamwhite eye
drinks Molotov's cocktail dry;
my breath freezes
as it passes you

medusa'd to
ramparts of ice
 protecting, imprisoning
a midnight of ash.

February 2012

55 burning ice cubes for   the G-Man

Image: Eyjafjallajökull ash plume, by Gunnlaugur Þ. Briem on flick'r
Gunnlaugur Þ. Briem's photostream
Shared under Creative Commons 2.0 Non-Commercial License


  1. I think...there's a change in the weather. (as the Kinks once sang.)

    Brrr, Witch.

  2. Fantastic. These lines are especially poignant, IMO:

    "hazel extinguisher
    of your foamwhitened eye
    drinks Molotov's cocktail dry"

  3. I love "arsoned" as a verb. Damn cool write, Hedge.

  4. Is this about a Speed Reading Dead Fireman?
    Loved your pic that you chose..Tres Chaud!!
    Brilliant and enigmatic 55 Hedge
    Thanks for playing, and never ever say to me again...
    It's just a poem.
    Anything from your pen is a treasure and Honour!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Your picture and words are beautifully chilling and marvelous ~

    Happy day ~

  6. dang...sounds like the fire has gone out on the old town tonight...really the voice you write in for this just drips...

    as a special treat, you really should check out bluebell books seems they are posting your work over there...just saying...

  7. Yikes - this scared me, hedgewitch!

  8. Oh dear! This reminds me of certain people that were capable of Xing me out. Awful. (The experience not the poem!) This is a very heated x-ing for all its cool.

    Don't know about bluebell but one of those related sites used an elephant painting (of mine) as a prompt once! I wouldn't have minded at all, if there'd been a credit given--crazy. (Why I can understand people wanting some anti-piracy act.) k.

    1. IMO using your work, or anyone's without attribution *is* piracy, and wrong. I used to use a Creative Commons license, and even it insists on attribution--how hard is it to type someone's name and website? And I wouldn't have anything to do with bluebell, or any of the related sites. They have in the past spammed me here and continue to spam me personally via my email for their various prompts and functions.

      Glad you enjoyed the piece, K. I loved yours, as you know. Now I have to try some martian.

  9. Creepy image. Reminds me of something out of Creepshow. The fire and ice, Medusa'd and all, the burning bed. Lots to swallow.

    1. Yes, I decided it was too creepy and changed it to something less graphic. Thanks for reading, Yvonne.

  10. That's an amazing images, the words you put to it enigmatic, I think. Nicely done. :)

  11. Hot and cold / sweet and sour
    regardless it is a smoldering 55

  12. Cool piece! That first verse is great- and thanks for ending w/ ice cube!

  13. A tight, fabulous write, HW. The last two stanzas are just pure poetry, truly. You were in a zone with this 55...the smoke is rising, indeed.

    (btw, a belated birthday to you, my friend. May the year be one of continued beauty ~)

  14. Your words are so much more powerful than the image...and that image is powerful! From the perfect title to your message for the G-Man, this is nearly miraculous.

  15. That lloks like one amazing weather front. We don't get them like that in the UK!

    1. Actually, it's a plume of volcanic ash from a volcano erupting in the middle of a glacier in Iceland. We don't get those much here, either. ;-)

  16. hot one minute, cold the next.... BBB posted a 55 of mine and did link my name, but was surprised they didn't ask me first. I saw yours and others poems there and figured you had given permissino... I submitted a 55 - hope it was the right thing to do...

    1. I hope everything will work out for you there Margaret. Just so its clear, she has no connection to G-man, and didn't ask him before taking all those poems and his meme and reproducing them on her site. She has since pulled them, after several people objected to having their material used to promote her book project without being asked. By submitting your poem to her her with those words she suggested, you have given her the right to publish your poem, and no compensation for you as author is mentioned. If that's what you wanted, then you're fine, but I would be careful of any hidden charges or fees that may turn up--publishing books costs money, even chapbooks.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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