Thursday, January 31, 2013

Summer Flowers, Winter Snow

I am going to be absent for awhile, friends and readers, due to some minor health issues. Nothing to worry about, but it's just not possible for me to spend a lot of time on the computer at the moment. I hope to be back soon, but till then, here are some garden pictures to look at. Thanks to everyone for their readership and support, and may summer flowers always bloom through your winter snows...

Rosa meidiland "Magic Meidiland' also known as Cthulu

Canna 'Dawn Pink' and Daylily 'Destined To See'

Zinnia 'Violet Queen'

Canna 'Richard Wallace'

photos (c) joyannjones


  1. I love love love the trippy flowas. Feel better, Joy. I'll pray to Saint Creola for you!

  2. oy...wondered about you last night as i hadnt seen you in a couple days....beautiful flowers joy....sending healing your way...and hope this is just a breath along the way...smiles....

  3. Beautiful flowers, and their light much appreciated. So so sorry that you are not feeling well. I don't know any good saints to pray to - but I certainly send best wishes your way.

    If you do check out the computer at all - and this is only if you are feeling grand and terrifically bored - I am doing dVerse prompt this weekend. I am happy to sneak a hint your way. I only suggest as it may be fun for you, but do not mean to add any pressure or ache in the you know what.

    Take best care, k.

  4. Flower power! take care hedge and if the pain gets to bad and hateful,
    HATE IT BACK (this works for me, but makes me rather bitter and twisted) i hear love can help, but small doses only! too much of that sweet stuff
    will kill you faster than a banker can say "Social conscience? pfffffffffffff" . . .

    dont stay away to long,
    not sure my lone wolf could take it!

    all the best

  5. Take care, Hedge. We will look for you as we look for spring.

  6. Utterly gorgeous! All my flowers are frozen now, so this is a lovely treat. Hope you are really well sooner than anyone estimates!

  7. I hope you feel better soon, Joy. The 'sphere isnt the same without you. Take good care. Your flowers are magnificent and a feast for the eyes this gray old day!

  8. Care for yourself, heal well and thank you for the beauty of your flowers and your poetry.

  9. LOL @ "this isn't even my final form" on your side bar!

  10. Of course you are gone when I am just coming back :(

    Hope you feel well and strong quickly, hedgewitch. Your photos make me long for the dew-soaked grass of a June morn...sigh...while all I see outside is white because of the snow squalls...

  11. May the summer flowers bloom for you as well helping you to heal and return to us.

  12. "Violet Queen". What a beauty and what an awesome name. Truly hope recovery comes swiftly.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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