Thursday, August 1, 2013

Political Doggerel

Political Doggerel

Four politicians sitting on a fence;
one showed his Weinie--away he went.

Three politicians going out for lunch;
one had surgery so he can't eat much.

Two politicians knocking on the door;
one promised change then dropped it on the floor.
One politician waiting all her life
to be something besides that Somebody's wife.

~August 2013

55 lost votes for     the g-man

Process Notes: Hey, I can't always have weird dreams just because it's Friday 55.

To those fortunate enough to live outside the US, please forgive the tedium of American political obsession here. I am referring to a recent scandal and to some past and present contenders in the quadrennial White House gladiatorial combat. You probably don't want to know.

Images sourced from Texts from Hillary


  1. Ha! I love it, Joy Ann. It is absolutely true. Politics are a mess everywhere.


  2. ha. oy. at least our politicians keep up entertained eh?
    too bad they are the ones controling the guns & missiles though

  3. Moonbat...
    Such whimsy from the Literati
    I thought you lived in a cave, you seemed very politically aware penning this little ditty.
    Thank you for all your encouraging support today.
    I really appreciate all you do for Flash Fiction
    Loved your PC 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

  4. Love it...politics is crazy. It is the only job I know of where you can get elected, paid, and set up for life to be crazy, immoral, and awarded for lies.

  5. Politics aren't any different in Canada...except most of them couldn't even get up ON the fence! :)

  6. Never a truer word . . .

    Political Doggerel says so much alone:

    apart from anything I am just bored to death with
    rich, white patriarchy.

    Its time for change alright but lets get extreme:

    I cant remember exactly what Plato thought would work best
    but it was something like a politburo filled with 70 year old Nigerian women . . .


  7. Ha. Well, it is a dog fight--and what's going on in New York right now is pretty insane. Wiener makes Spitzer look good, or at least, sort of normal. I have a bit more tolerance of Obama, I guess, in part because I think he has faced almost unparalleled opposition - not just to any action, but to the legitimacy of his even being president. He should have probably used his political capital more effectively when he had it, but I think he, in good faith, thought he could move with consensus. It's so interesting now because even if he reiterates a Republican proposal it is shot down by the original proposers. Just crazy. Anyway, fun. k.

    1. ps - I mean poem fun - not the experience for the country. PS - I love that last set of pics and texts. Very funny. Of course, I'm sympathetic to H. too. I don't like the idea of identity politics, but I must confess that I would be incredibly moved by having a woman I like (not one of the other ones) get to very high office. (On this front, did you see that a Texas legislator is saying that Wendy Davis should pay costs of special session?) k.

    2. PPS - Weiner is still in the race by the way. He has not dropped out. k.

    3. Yes, Weiner remaining in the race I guess to prove his pictures weren't doctored? Has to have some enormous cajones to keep flogging away at a, if not dead, very sick horse.I just wish he'd stop emailing me for money.

      AFA Obama, yes I do agree he has had the ground cut from under his feet at every hand, but that was only to be expected if you had any feeling for red state America.Beyond that, I'm extremely disappointed with his under the hood actions--his stance on whistle blowers, the draconian practices of Bush's NSA continued, deporting *more* undocumented than Bush,the huge drone program, no attempt to call Bush-Cheney out on torture, or to call Wall Street to account over the meltdown,but most of all his initial attempts to bend over backwards to conciliate Republicans at the cost of meaningful change--everyone forgets we had a democratic majority when he took office and it was frittered away on a very poorly designed, watered down Healthcare bill that was full of compromises that didn't need to be there--still better than nothing, but far from Single Payer--then, the icing on the cake for me, unlike ANY Democrat ever, he has expressed willingness to put Social Security on the bargaining table to further attempt to conciliate the people who will NEVER be conciliated.

      That said, he is still so much better than any right wing candidate or existing Republican in any form, that one has to lean on him as the lesser of two evils. He is smarter, and I do believe his core values are not as anti-middle class, pro-corporate as the opposition. But he is far from the man I thought he was when he made his red state-blue state speech.

      Yeesh, k--you got me going! I really do Like Obama in many ways as a person--he has enormous heart, I think, and patience, and a lot of other really good qualities; so sorry to sound so negative. I am not a giant Clinton fan, but I do think Hillary is the only logical successor atm, and like you, feel it would be a true milestone in gender equality.

    4. No, understood re O. I think he was naive and, of course, he's not a pols' pol in terms of knowing how to use leverage -- I am thinking of LBJ! - who, of course, could be extremely nasty to get what he wanted. The foreign policy stuff is all difficult - I am sure it is hard to deal with all of the military factions and pc factions and NSA people. I don't know what I'd actually do if strings in my hands - very difficult issues. (Even LBJ got dragged in by the Best and the Brightest there -- and he was an experienced hand.) (I'm not making LBJ a hero - just putting him up as kind of counter weight.) k.

    5. I don't think we really know much of the real personalities and traits of our pols--they are so synced to the media limelight, playing to the crowd. I'm willing to give O. a lot of benefit of the doubt, but you don't come up through Chicago politics and stay naive for long--staying reasonably clean is hard enough. I give him a lot of credit for that alone. And it's true, in the post-9/11 world, the power of those security policies and agencies, their omnipresence and the need for them, have got to make for very difficult ethical waters to navigate.

      RE: LBJ--hard to know--he had the wind of the Kennedy assassination at his back, which I think gets discounted a lot--a nation, and an opposition party in shock,(like Bush had) though I agree he truly was a bit of a dominator...but also one of those unique, unpredictable situations that somehow line things up just right for history to be made.

      Anyway, thanks for reading all my political nonsense, k.

  8. Very nice ! Great work, style, etc. I admire your zapping them like the flies they are! great aim with that tongue connected to the pen! :)

  9. Well-done! I wish I had thought of it.

  10. Such wondrous material they all provide for nursery rhymes!

  11. Very much enjoyed this piece - witty, on point, astute.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats