Tuesday, March 29, 2016



Just a note to thank all my readers and visitors for their time and support, many of them over the course of the blog's life, and through the gates of many poems, good bad and indifferent. 

I will not be doing anything for National Poetry Month this year, but wish everyone who takes on the challenge of writing a poem each day all the luck in the world.

If I am able to write or even read, two things that are unfortunately becoming increasingly hard, I will certainly do so, but know that you all have made a great difference in my life, and provided me with vital encouragement over the years, for which, again, I sincerely thank you.

~Joy       3/29/16

 Shadows touch the sand and
Look to see who's standin'
Waitin' at your window
Watchin', will they ever show
Can you hear them callin'

You know they have fallen
On campfires cold and dark
That never see a spark burn bright

photo: Ghostoaks, © joyannjones 2016