Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Truth Of The Mouse

Truth of the Mouse

What they do to you
I dream they do to me.
The knives come out
the tubes go in
to the piece of meat
nameless, once sweet,
test tube tissue
over-scanned and analyzed
and the bugs are in
the bandages again.

The nurse can't come; 
double parked at the casino
where the chips come down
like needle rain
where the dealer's a junkie
because the rules broke again
and the mouse
that chews the truth
it's not safe to come out.

~January 2018


Images: Illustration from The Tale of Two Bad Mice, andThe Mice at Work Threading The Needle, by Beatrix Potter   Public Domain


  1. Dear me, Hedge. The sweetness of the illustrations so belies the horror of the poem itself. This sounds like the bottom edge of the slough of despond, to me. No place for a lady, and no place for my BFF. Sending all the love I can, down in a submarine, and keeping the sonar running so you can find the surface again in time. xo

  2. chews the truth, choose, neither way is easy. a great line, though.

    waiting for that doctor's pronouncement - there with ya, in my own way, at the moment. good luck.

  3. The first two lines carry all the explanation I need. Worse than suffering pain, is imagining the suffering of someone you love for than self.

  4. A fever dream of solutions which are not truths, or truths which never solve the puzzle. The second stanza is a harsh power chord, hammering hope of medicine into smithereens of madness. Ouch. Hide, little mouse.

  5. That poor mouse is probably starving. Not much to eat these days. And those chips are probably cracking skulls and freeing brains.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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