Saturday, December 18, 2021

Kowboy Katzenjammer


 Kowboy Katzenjammer

When Kowboy Katzenjammer
comes to Kittycon
he always brings his religion.

Sixgun and spurs
forecast high-noon confessions
and lavish donations.

He preaches tomcat gospel
to green-eyed kittens
in sharp ears and lazy ribbons,

offers his cardboard box
in the church of broken locks
to a fury of furries

 trading their fur
for a two-second purr.
December 2021

posted for Fireblossom

Note:This 55 uses the following words from Shay's Word List (Laura Nyro), which I did not include in my previous poem for that prompt: confession,forecast,fury,lazy,religion,tomcat

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  1. This poem--and the tags!--is so much fun, Joy. Kittycon! The tomcat gospel stanza is my favorite, but I love the whole thing. Thanks so much for this delicious poem for the Laura Nyro list and for Muse. :-)

  2. I absolutely love this Joy!! Wonderful in every way! That tag thinking outside the cat box is priceless!!!

  3. I love it, the "church of broken locks" and the "fury of furries". Smiling.

  4. Joy, you've brought the image to life with your words. I can see what a purr he causes when he enters the con.

  5. This tastes like the best kind of weird western.

  6. OK OK ... I will NOT say it, will NOT. Meow, meow.

  7. A ne'er do well preacher. What with the cat-er-wahling from the pulpit and the laying on of paws, he still manages to bury his fe-ology in the litter offeratory.

    Great take on the image!

  8. that is one sticked-up cat, a $400 per hour motivational speaker? the tomcat of wallstreet? i missed the launch of shay's word list, but i've got internet now so i'll try to get to the next one. loced this poem joy

  9. "He preaches tomcat gospel
    to green-eyed kittens
    in sharp ears and lazy ribbons'

    Witty stanza! This whole poem was a delight to read.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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