Friday, May 10, 2013

Poem In May


Poem In May 

 the other side of dark
a red-locket hummingbird
is starting his motor.
Arachne sorts her silks,
 browning seeds
of  maple spiral home
syrup slow from the dance,
slipping in to sleep
debauched in the grass.
 murmur a waterfall,
five petals glow
'round a golden heart,
just the other side 
of dark.

Hummingbird silhouette

~May 2013

55 iridescent feathers for   the g-man

Hover mouse for image credits, or click to go to photographer's flick'r page.


  1. Beautiful imagery - and just a little mysterious.

  2. There's a gentleness and an air of mystery here, hedgewitch. I can't wait until the hummingbirds return.

  3. Love your night time revelry, and the phrases, "syrup slow", and "murmur a waterfall". Those are such perfect descriptions Joy. "Just the other side of dark"...that's where I want to be in May.

  4. the new life and a bit of hope that lives on the other side of the dark...and hopefully we can walk the dark to get there...

  5. Beautifully expressed, Hedge. The minute details of the garden are brought to us in loving and imaginative detail.

  6. And I thought that just the other side of dark...
    Was the Hedgewitch! (That STILL may be true)
    You flutter IN, leaving tiny droplets of Brilliance.
    You flutter OUT, leaving tiny droplets of Hummingbird Guano.
    Loved your Aviary 55 Joy.
    Thanks for playing, Thanks for your poetic take on life,
    and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. I always try to leave the world a richer place behind me, G. May your weekend kick all the ass you can handle.

  7. Very pretty poem - the maple spirals and the hummingbird motor - a great mix of the rather plebian image and fanciful - lovely - k.

  8. Just the other side of dark. I like that Joy Ann. We have hummingbirds who visit us daily. They are wonderful to watch. They love the cacti flowers and the agave buds. Pretty poem.


  9. Beautiful how your sketch is framed by "just the other side of dark", like an echo of the bitterness of winter and at the same time celebrating one of the loveliest times that comes 2 times in a day - just as the sun is rising and dusk.

  10. There is hope on the other side of the dark, a beautiful poem!

  11. I like the blackbirds. And if you're uncharacteristically cheerful, well, it *is* May, and hard not to be. :-)


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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