Friday, July 11, 2014

Pride of Their Makers

Pride Of Their Makers

The monsters are coming
their heads in their hands

mouthworks drooling
 piano-wire screams,
with a vitriol kiss
to french through clenched lips
acrid and hot, frozen but soft
masks falling off.

The monsters are coming;

clown cars in the dark
unload at the QuickStop;
pass round the fear,
drink that flag beer.

The monsters are here.
The monsters are listening

with their crucifix remotes
mob on the knob, gloat upon gloat
brains slowly tugged out 
coaxed through the nose,

 thoughts ground to dust
in a hate cooked like meth 
love's disappeared death,
hell's stinking breath
shrill screams at the bus---

the monsters are coming
the monsters are us.

~July 2015

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Challenge: I Must Refrain
The often heterodox Herotomost, Corey Rowley (Mexican Radio) challenges us to use that time-honored poetic device, the refrain. I did my best, in this little cynical spit-poof of bitterness on our glorious times.

Optional Musical Accompaniments

"I know you're out there..."

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Bottom photo : Anti-immigration Protests,7/7/14,  Murrieta, Ca~Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images


  1. oh what glorious times they are...the children fleeing violence on the border are breaking my heart...when you have 9 year olds running protection rackets and slitting throats of 7 year olds...ugh...the monsters are here...and they have no hearts....and if i can help way they are french kissing me...ha

  2. The monsters are everywhere, standing up from the graves of times past, armed with the same prejudices and narrow-minded ideas of what the word "rights" means. This is cut-throat and unforgiving... everything a protest poem should be and the refrain drives the point home.

  3. This is chilling, and it cuts right to the bone.

  4. Your poem makes me so glad that I do not own a TV as I know I am part of all this, but I don't have to witness it very often. Great rhyme, rhythms, saliva (sorry!)--but I have an image of it leaving traces of the vitriol expelled by those mouthworkings. Agh. Very powerful and great use of refrain--the irony not lost. K.

  5. This is sobering poetry! Beautifully rendered! The image you chose is perfect.

  6. Shut the front door!!!! that was awesome. It does seem like the divide between rational humane thought and idealistic fervor is so far apart that we will never be able to close the gap. this was a very creative and well written social comment that is overfull with the ugly truth. I am not sure what heterodox means, but I'm looking it up....we may have another conversation depending on whether its food or!!!! Thanks for playing!

  7. All monsters are human, so they say. This is a chilling bunch you've loosed on us here.

  8. Very scary and far too true.

  9. The image of monsters with their heads in their hands made me shiver.

  10. Its a scary poem but also sadly true ... The world is at the brink of collapse it seems... So much of evil prevails... Really well done...

  11. The monsters keep coming back no matter how many times we impale or immolate or drown 'em because shadows belong to their casters' awfulness. Great spitwad trajectory here, a huctooey of caustic wit lean as a whistle 'n' mean as a mouthful of thistle. Reason is rare at midnight and at high noon at the border, so that's maybe why Killer Klowns abound in both places ... and yes, there is a tooth to the times that makes me too believe we've leapt into the future only to end up dancing with Grendel's mammy down in the underwater roadhouse of devouring dreams. Great setup pic but the sunny one at the end was scarier. Gods help us all.

    1. I think we are frightening even them. Thanks, B. Every time I think I have reached the ultimate bottom of being appalled, they do something else. Did you ever see that Tarentino movie, 'From Dusk Till Dawn?' That last shot of the vampire bar --pure evil built onto an Aztec temple littered with the bones of sacrifice, ancient and now modern. sort of says it all about our species. We seem indelibly marked with the bloodthirst (and too often, brain-power) of primates, and erasing that stain is increasingly problematic.

  12. this is fan-fucking-tastic! brilliant, Joy!

  13. This is truly amazing piece!

  14. Oh dear, they are coming, and they are so scary! Great waking write!

  15. yeah.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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