Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

Ghosts of Christmas Past?

they're never past
at all.

Passed, perhaps,
they linger in the hall
a scent unseen
a sight unheard, a laugh unlaughed

Watching, drinking, playing rapt,
unwrapping revelries they  made
when they had form.

Some were torn
away too soon and swept too far,
still hearing laughing cries not sudden tears,

And once each year
they show their hidden smiles
 smoky, floating, gone but smiling still.

Laugh? perhaps they will,
make a sudden joke, a flame 
leap up, or old remembered song
and then

a new dance will begin 
free from old sins.

December 2010

I'd like to apologize for some of my extremely depressing poems of late, and thank everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on them, and on all my babblings, for their understanding and compassion. You are too kind, and too many to mention, but in particular, to Shay, Karin, Kelli,  Scott, Kerry, Sherry and all the other Real Toads, many many heartfelt thanks and best wishes. To Brian, Claudia and the dVerse Poets Pub community, and to G-man and the 55ers, thanks for the opportunities to write you create, and the support and encouragement you give. To those readers I have lost this year, Brendan, Ruth, Truly Fool, The Walking Man and others, know you were valued and are remembered and missed. Right now writing seems very far away, but I'm hoping to get back in the spirit in the New Year. 

Till then:

A Very Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year and additional Happy Holidays of Any Variety Not Previously Mentioned
to all my pixelated internet friends and readers who make this world a little brighter with their own 
ability to shine
Thanks for everything.

(Originally Posted for Moondustwriter's Christmas Eve Eve Poetry at the inimitable One Stop Poetry)

Photo:  The author as a young thing, with Santa, 
(c) copyright joyannjones 2010-2012, from the author's files


  1. I enjoyed this poem. Wishing you and yours tenderness and wit, health and love this season and always.

  2. Have a very merry Christmas, Joy, from one secular humanist to another. There's a reason why our forebears lit huge logs against the dead months of the year..times can seem bleak, but I know you will be right as rain come the spring-time. Your garden will call you out. Until then, keep warm, dear friend.

    1. Thank you, Kerry. I really appreciate all your input, and your wonderful challenges at real toads. I hope to make one last visit to everyone before we head out Sunday, but if things get hectic, I wanted everyone to know they were in my thoughts. I hope your Christmas is not *too* warm.

  3. We lost The walking Man in 2010?
    I'da swore that I talked to that bearded bastard just last week.
    Hey...Ya don't think that HE'S a ghost too do you?

    PS...You have no idea how much the 55 community appreciates YOU!
    Thanks Joy Ann...G

    1. Thanks, G--He's still around for you guys. Thanks for the whole frollicking fridayfest, which challenges my chronic verbosity and loquaciousness. And makes me write shorter, too. Merry Christmas.

  4. travel light my friend...i wish you the best for the holidays and in the new year...i look forward to reading you again soon...

    in your verse, i like the mixed feeling/senses in a scent unseen
    a sight unheard, a laugh unlaughed...this is not the easiest season as it becomes easy to see those that are not there...

    1. Thanks Brian, for all your support, and for everything you do for the community. See you when I get back.

  5. i would like some freedom from old sins, please. if we're making lists, that is.
    glad i gained you this year, Joy. merry christmas!

  6. Well, you know high you are on mine and Bosco's lists though he naturally puts Chinook on top. It's always surprising to me to look at a post from a year, or two, or three ago, and notice how many people who used to come around, don't anymore. However, there are always the true blue friends who remain constant, and they are worth their weight in Danny's house blend, or Viking helmets and mead, as the case may be.

    May the cursed and hated holiday hoo-ha be over quickly. No really, that's meant as a warm seasonal wish! I know you understand, my dear friend.

    1. Amen, (or is that skál?)sister gypsy. Can't be over soon enough for tired postal workers and crabby old ladies like me.

  7. A lovely lovely poem with to-be-hoped-for truths. (I hope they are true anyway.) You are a great joy to many. Take care and have just a terrific (and safe and healthy and back-pain-free) break. k.

  8. You have captured those ghosts wonderfully...find a little room in your heart and keep them safe, it is good to remember, such beautiful sounds played on the heart strings. They need us to remember, and call their names, as you have done. You are blessed....happy holidays!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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