Monday, March 17, 2014

Into The Everlight

Dear readers, as I mentioned in my Off The Shelf post this month, I am taking one of my periodic  rests from organized blogging, though I will check in from time to time.  I'm leaving you with a short poem until I return on the 26th, then  saturate the internets  and try your patience with daily posts in April. As always, profuse thanks to everyone who reads, and makes this place a regular stop.


Last night
I saw the moon
in the everlight
drop the blackbirds' song
like water rolling
off the reaching trees,
unmask her fountain face
open her mouth
and roar the silence
that holds planets--
shattered  hearts of dragons,
 clouds of
stardust whirlpools,
the forgotten boats of gods--
all that dark light
with spring a-dance behind it,
each spinning clockwork phantom
pinned in  place.

~March 2014

Image: The Starry Night, 1889, Vincent Van Gogh
Public Domain via 


  1. pinned in place makes me think of those butterflies with pins in their wings....roaring the silence that holds planets...ha...another cool line...

    travel light my friend...until i see you again...

  2. Unmasking... I felt as if the everlight moon was unmasking the real world, revealing a much cooler magical one. So enjoyable, and I look forward to your return. Happy writing!

  3. so many nuggets of beauty here in this celestial tribute. the moon, and the silence that holds. this is a wonderful piece full of the action behind spring-time and all of creation. I really enjoyed reading. I am glad to hear you are writing daily in April. I will join you.

  4. Agh! Lost comment. On iPhone traveling . This reminds me of one of those figure which creates the sense of ever asencion through the beginning of one line in the midst of the prior. The kind of clockwork that finds the latitude on a god boat. Good work. Hope I get to April. K.

    1. Figure is fugue -- agh! It reminds me of one of those fugues! You know the ones. They subtly change keys as they go up. Sorry .

  5. Pretty poem, Joy Ann. Enjoy the break. I am also taking a small one to gather my thoughts by way of my journal. I have too many convoluted thoughts going on in my head. I need to get them on paper, and make sense of them.


  6. The rapture of a full-mooned night is difficult indeed to calibrate with our language -- a fountain face roaring into silence a leaping fixity, to paraphrase your so apt coinage. Such wonderful paradoxes you harness, inside such tidy power. Everything happening in stillness. Your poem is both awe-struck at and conspiratorial with the moment.

  7. P.S. Enjoy your hiatus. Use the silence to brew us up a brimming pot of fulsome April poems.

  8. The moonlight does seem to gather everything that happens to exist beneath it. Beautifully portrayed in this piece. Enjoy the time off.
    Steve K.

  9. What greater masterpiece to accompany this poem than van Gogh's night sky? Magnificent, cosmic, a sky that truly unites the earth and heavens.

    Enjoy your break, Hedge.

  10. Thanks all. It's helpful sometimes to step back. Been busy today with the results of some major wind in the night, blowing our neighbors' horse shed over onto our property(see sidebar.) What a mess! but of course, could have been worse.

  11. I like "the forgotten boats of gods" and "with spring a-dance behind it". You never phrase anything in an ordinary way, ever. That's part of what makes it so rewarding to read your work.

  12. Thinking of you this morning, have a sparkling week!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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