Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mystery On The Blue Train


Mystery On The Blue Train
(a 55)
There's mystery on the blue train;
Poirot's perplexed
at passion, soft skin, desire.
There's a heart of fire
burning before the snow falls
in the cemetery-silence
that flies behind eyes
in wind that plays
dead jazz in the night
in love slung over the bar
that snaps like crisp hangman's rope
when the body drops.
October 2021
The Mystery of the Blue Train First Edition Cover 1928.jpg
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A 55 for Friday, and the G-Man (Homage to Christie)
Images: Interior view of a party at Zelli's nightclub, 16 Rue Fontaine, Montmartre, Paris, 1920s Fair Use
First edition cover,Mystery of the Blue Train, 1928  via wikipedia   Fair use, Link


  1. I can never see a picture of a 1920's ballroom scene without looking for Jack Torrance from "The Shining"! Good thing the little Belgian is on hand to solve the fallout from passions he keeps in check, if he even has them. Someone has to keep their head, mais non?

  2. A fabulous story in 55 words- excellent!

  3. Wonderful story and atmosphere in so few words!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous turns of phrase, Hedgewitch. I love all of it, especially the snow-falls in the cemetery-silence, the dead jazz in the night, all the little sounds and non-sounds in the poem. Dark and beautiful <3

  5. "in wind that plays
    dead jazz in the night
    in love slung over the bar"

    liked those lines, felt like i was sitting in the club car, could hear the wheels clacking, could even smell Tabaco in the air. a nice tight poem joy.

  6. I love Poirot! You really captured the atmosphere of mystery, decadence and intrigue here.

  7. She is one of my favorite detective writers and I so love Poirot (watched the entire BBC tv series). You captured the elements of that eerie silence in contrast with the snapping of the hangman's rope. Missing that G-man!

  8. Difficult indeed to chug chug from murder to mystery in cramped 55 car, but you do fine homage to the G-Man here and offer plenty for a Poirot to twist his moostachie in earnest. Most of our importance is enacted off-script and far in the night; 'tis for us to make much of the thump. Those details are luxe here.

  9. H.,
    Those closing lines are phenomenal, especially as they highlight Christie's gift for twisting love and its entanglements into a "hangman's rope." Her psychological novels are just as riveting and play with that same theme.

  10. You know he would have loved this and responded with some wonderful wisecrack / brilliant comment. Love the art that accompanies your splendid 55. PS I saved a few of his comments for posterity .. loved this one: Smoke rings always seem so Noir! So you say that there are no Anti-Christs in Oregon? Don't ask that question in Alabama! Loved your Wondering 55 Helen.
    Thanks for playing...You are a PEACH!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. Ha! That sounds just like him. He is so missed. Thank you for sharing those, and for your kind comment Helen.

  11. "in love slung over the bar"--what a wonderful image that captures the atmosphere of the image perfectly.

  12. yes, you frame this so well - the snap of the rope bringing it all into focus. Glad Helen pulled out some old G-man chestnuts, and yes, he would have snapped a quick one-liner too. Hope Halloween is spooky (but not too spooky. we've had enough of that to last us a while.) ~


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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