Saturday, October 30, 2021

Will O The Wisp


Will O The Wisp

 I walk tonight
and wish to be
the burn in a lantern;
I walk tonight
in the darkness.

In the darkness
with a black moon
on a path you can't see,
in the darkness
following me.
Following me: all
 the days and the years
in bright dresses
swallowing Orion,
coming to me.

Coming to me
with the twist of a moon
gone black in the sky,
coming to me with
wishes and bones.
Wishes and bones
are all I am,
and lantern's burn.
Wishes and bones and
fire in darkness.
 October 2021


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Note: This isn't a form per se, tho it's something like second cousin once removed to a cascade. I just made it up.
Images: Deadlight, 2010 ©joyannjones 
Lantern photo via Sunday Muse   Fair Use


  1. Oh my. That third stanza went straight through me. The whole poem is understated, but pulls, like something heavier than expected. It's almost--but not quite--despairing at the end, but in such a clever way that it seems no more than a night breeze.Never mind me, wavin', not drowning. It's as ight as a memory and sad as a bird in a cage. I love it, even though it very gently broke my heart.

  2. It feels like the poem is drawing the reader outward yet inward all at once. This is absolutely beautiful Joy. As Shay has spoken, it has a deep sad feel, but is so wonderfully woven it guides us through effortlessly like soothing rain. It is a magnificent 2nd cousin once removed cascade! It is always wonderful to have you join us at the Muse Joy!!

  3. I am intrigued by this form. I love the wishing to be the burn in a lantern....and "wishes and bones are all that I am." Wonderful!

  4. Oh! Oh! "the days and the years / in bright dresses / swallowing Orion" That's amazing. The last line is a powerhouse. All the repetition creating the tight-rope the reader has to walk across. Never look down. The "cascade" has a lot going for it. Perfect name for the form.

  5. wishes and bones.

    that's a philosophy, a whole universe in three words ~

  6. For me, the form you've created evokes/suits the shifting, flowing shape of that supernatural, ethereal light that is only seen at night, returning to look again as the phrasing is repeated within the poem. A beautiful read.

  7. It's difficult to draw out exactly how I find this, captivating, enchanting...they all seem to be words that evoke sparkle rather than the deep pull of a poem on the edge of gravity well. Once read, it leads to another reading.

  8. I wish to be the burn in a lantern ... for the rest of my days ... your poem is gorgeous and whatever the form, you need to copyright it!!

  9. H.,
    What a gorgeous read! Your words pulled me right in and didn't let go till the last drop of burning emotion. Brilliant use of form to create that chant-like quality that mesmerizes.

  10. Joy, the repetitions work so well. I like the economy of words with the maximum of impact. A beautiful characterization of a haunting phenomenon.

  11. Wishes and bones. Skeketal and Haloweeny

    Happy Sunday


  12. and in the end we will be but ash, remnants of the what we once were. I found myself wishing to be light though the journey of darkness. I feel a bit unsettled but, I guess it's just me...a dwarf star in a vast universe.

  13. Oh I love your poem. If it's not a form, it should be. That final stanza is wonderful.

  14. A made up form...a wonderful one. "I walk tonight and wish to be the burn in a lantern." What a way to begin the poem. I wish to be a flame and not the soot is what I am feeling right now. This gives me so many feels. I relate to your poem. Beautiful writing as always.

  15. I love this form, it adds to the solemnity and weight of your words. And starting and ending with the burn of the lantern - well, that's brilliant.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats