Monday, August 15, 2011

Musical Interlude ~Emmy Lou

Some musical comfort food for my dear friend Fireblossom--she gets to hear all my most favoritest Emmy Lou Harris songs! 

The first Emmy Lou I ever heard, on a friend's record player, a million years ago:

This one's seen me through many a dark night:

And last, one that gets inside your head and won't let go, like a train whistle on a lonely night:

What? Not very cheery, you say?? Well crap. My next sage recommendation is to wrap your own favorites around your head, and go spit in the eye of whatever you feel most richly deserves it.

Best thoughts your way, FB


  1. You are the best, dear Witch. And these are three really special songs, some of my very favorites. did you know I like Emmylou??? ;-)

  2. @FB My witchy powers know no bounds, yes? If they were just a bit stronger, I'd have her show up at your house in a big cake or something.

  3. nice...serenading her...i should have thought of area special person is shay...hopefully she smiled...smiles.

  4. A little Emmylou ought to do the trick!

  5. @brian, did you just call me an area? is that one of those 'chick's butt is so big it has its own area code' references??? Hmm? Thought not.

    @MZ Can't hurt anyway, and I can't say I minded hearing those songs for the kazillionth time, myself. ;-)

  6. OK I wrapped my head around Some Ravi Shankur, Tom Waits and,early on Joni Mitchell. Why and how this may relate you ask? Ravi gives me strength, Tom gives me spit and Joni makes me smile when I lay a goober in someones eye.

  7. @twm: That triad ought to see you through quite a bit, Mark. I like the way your mind works.

  8. Imagine this! I am sitting here, guitar in hand, hair all silvery and shimmery, crooning away to our dear FB! Can you hear me now?


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats