Monday, January 2, 2012

A Love Song for Troubled Girls

Got Them Cosmic Silver Blues Again, Mama

Coal Black and Silver Blue
went walking after midnight
Coal say,' Blue, baby,
Things they just ain't right.
We should be Queens
We should have limosines
We should own the machines
Why for all these clownshoes
be fuckin with dynamite?

We could blow this town open
our powder's so dry
but we can't get a light
never mind a piece of the pie.'
Blue say, 'Girl I so hear what you say.'
an she picked up her dobro and began to play:

Silver Blue's Love Song for Troubled Girls

Baby don' go
Don' go again please.
It makes me cry, and it makes me wheeze,
Makes me sing the blues when
I'm really mad as hell.
Baby please don' go, and I'll never tell.

Baby come back
Baby come back please.
I'll buy you a new hat and a dipped Tastee Freeze.
I'll dress you in red and
undress you in black.
I'll sing you that tune if you'll only come back

Baby go 'way,
Go away from me please.
Don't want your true lies, don't want your disease.
Your engine blew out,

you took my last dime
Baby go way and stay gone this time.

November 2011

With apologies to the immortal Coal Black 

Header image: courtesy of The Steel Guitar Forum
Footer image: courtesy google image search


  1. "I'll dress you in red and
    undress you in black." - those two lines just said it all, hedgewitch!

  2. Ha, I so enjoyed this! Read it with a great big smile.

  3. Your tags are illuminatingly brilliant. Thank god for the blues, and thems who sings 'em. Black and blue turns into sort of silver in your vivid lines.

    May your new year have more silver than blues!

  4. blue honey, you took the words right outta my mouth!

  5. Bitchin', babe. See you out on lonesome Highway 99. I'm bringin the Squirrel Shooters, even though that bass player gets on my nerves with his Copenhagen.
    ~Silver Blue

  6. yep i knew she'd love bit of story telling there they two could set the town afire...smiles...

    i escaped....barely. smiles.

  7. Nice. I'd like to hear you read this.

  8. Jo Ann played with Spade Cooley AND Ole Rasmusson? Hot Damn!

  9. The girl got around, G. The girl got around.

  10. I would really like a dipped tastee-freeze.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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