Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blue Sail

Blue Sail

Blue frosted as a winter berry
your eyes’ light and the freight they carry

heavy as the slamming fall of night
why should only a glance bring such delight?

Blue sail, silhouette of a free blown boat
against a sleeping lion sun that seems to float

caved and hidden where mare's tails cover care
drifting like fire on the clamor of air.

Blue dark as deep and soft as summer sea
pulls at my heart's locket of memory.

Blue song high and sweet no singer can sing;
blue candle against the dead this night will bring.

June 2012

Posted for   real toads
Sunday Mini-Challenge: The Blues Stanza

but though I love the blues in all its forms, it didn't want to cooperate, so this is the free verse option of the challenge, to write on the color blue.

 Optional Musical Accompaniment

Image: Impression,sunrise, by Claude Monet, 1873
Public Domain, via


  1. Tim Buckley singing Fred Neil! Does it get any better than that? It's A Beautiful Day also recorded this song. (and, do you suppose that anyone but us remembers any of them?)

    I adore the third couplet here, about the lion sun. The whole thing has the feel of gentle rhythmic waves against the side on a lazy afternoon. Or, as the ending foreshadows, and as Tim Buckley once sang, a Blue Afternoon.

  2. Oh, THIS!
    "Blue dark as deep and soft as summer sea
    pulls at my heart's locket of memory."

    Gorgeous visual. This pulls at my own heart.

    De Jackson(WhimsyGizmo)

  3. That is just beautiful! There is a moody blue thing going on here, which is so fulfilling for this reader.

  4. Blue, the soft color of love! But here it's being blue, with a tinge of sadness. Beautifully done, Joy!


  5. This is definitely true blue! I enjoyed this.

  6. nice...i like the sleeping lion of the sun...i like the use of the sea with the pull of your works, like gravity on the waves...i like the lyricism of the couplets with your rhyme scheme...

  7. i love this painting, and the words you have married to it are perfectly blue and beautiful. monet is one of my favorites.

  8. Lovely blue sail and rhyming form ..and that picture is perfect ~

  9. It a perfect match for that painting! Holy cow....You didn't mention my blue eyes though...curious. Maybe because they are brown, I don't know. Leave it Joy to strike out on her owns and come up with a little slice of perfection.

    1. Hey sing the right song and it can make your brown eyes blue, especially if you're in a redneck bar. Thanks, Corey. I actually did re-write a bit of it directly to the painting once I found it. Didn't start out that way, but they sometimes morph on you.

  10. definitely the moody blues, and the "slamming fall of night." love it. Signed, Judy Blue Eyes :)

  11. I love "sleeping lion sun" and "heart's locket of memory" in particular, but the whole thing is great. It might have started out to be a poem about the color blue, but I think it ended up a blues lyric.

  12. Blue dark as deep and soft as summer sea
    pulls at my heart's locket of memory.

    This and the second couplet are real highlights in a fine and beautiful verse.

  13. This is a nice, soft blue. Just lovely.

  14. "drifting like fire on the clamor of air."

    I love this line!! Great blues offering, Hedge!!

  15. Super pretty poem--of course you don't settle for pretty k

  16. I find this incredibly elegant. "your eyes’ light and the freight they carry." What a fantastic line!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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