Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blue Wing

Blue Wing

Under the soft wing
in  the blue shell
wait an eon
to learn to crack.

In the twig nest
the down bed of breast,
wait forever
to fly.

Up in the cold air
the steel push and pull,
circle and wait
to fall.

~April 2014

Image: Drawings of a bird in flight, Leonardo da Vinci, circa 1500
Public domain via wikipaintings.org


  1. There's a real loop in the wait here from eon to circle; it feels rather like evolution-- all that time getting ready and then we are out and we fall. Could be a swoop but don't think so. Beautifully lyrical and great anthropomorphic wordplay. K/


  2. if i had to wait forever to fly...as long as i get to fly i will be fine....smiles. interesting contrast in textures too between the nest and breast...and the steel in the last...

  3. Sometimes the simplest statements say the most. So much of what happens in life is suggested here: so much waiting, gestation, long periods when nothing seems to happen, and then a brief bloom, a sudden wind, a moment of exhilaration -- fleeting, passing so quickly like the bloom of flowers. Certainly our art is like that, so much preparation for one beautiful line, maybe even a stanza or that one poem that soared. Picasso and Borges both said that the Muses only reward those who work hard. I think it was also Picasso who first made that inspiration/perspiration statement. Picasso! -who seemed to turn everything he touched to gold. If it was true for him so much the more so for the rest of us.

    1. Thanks Mark. I am feeling a bit played out, but sometimes that is part of what makes something useful happen that otherwise wouldn't. (Your mentions of Picasso have persuaded me to take a new look at his work, btw--I was living in Chicago when they erected the Picasso sculpture downtown, and I'm afraid the fanfare and traditional Chicago machine political foolishness left a bad taste in my mouth for the man, who is so much more than that.) Thanks for all your support and also for the privilege of reading your own efforts this month, Mark.

  4. powerfully compact. you've so masterfully and simply stroked the wait- wait- wait- where was the peak? - fall. ~

  5. Oh, man, this rhythm grabbed my heartstrings. Beautifully crafted - powerful to perfection. Cheers!

  6. It must feel like forever to the bird in the egg, the bird in the nest...
    and then, "time flies when you're flying."
    Wonderful poem.

  7. Gorgeous progression. I love this, Hedge.

  8. I'd like to say short and bittersweet, but you've stretched time to forever and back in this one. Your first two lines of every stanza give such potent place, I want to rest there, in each one. This reminds me, there is a big difference between resting and waiting. As Grapeling says, masterfully done.

  9. I keep checking back, but determined not to look, just in case you've done Grapeling's prompt as mine is not done yet--but I am half curious if yours is! Ha.

    Crazy. I won't get mine--I had two more not one--done till very late tonight, most likely--as seems to be the way of it. k.

  10. I'm not sure if I'm reading this the way you intend, but to me it reminds me of how children are always in a hurry to grow up, and everything in kid time takes forever. Then we arrive where we were so anxious to be, and we look back and perhaps wonder why we were so restless where we were. Or not, depending upon the emotional tenor of our particular nest!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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