Friday, April 18, 2014



I've been
unlucky in love, its true
but I've had the bright woo
up to my neck
lived up to my name
burned the blue flame
of loving.

For those who thought
I was a whore
I was more.
For those who called me
a white hot mess
I was less

I made the night laugh,
I  became the  shield,
smiled the serpent smile
with windblown eyes,
drank rose-colored light,
lived an extra life
in harlequin disguise

~April 2014

[So many Redons, so little time...]

Images:The Bathers, by Odilon Redon
The Fool, from the old Rider-Waite Tarot.
Public domain


  1. "I lived up to my name" - and I bet you did, Joy.

    I know how you love your masks, and the lines "in Harlequin disguise / loving" to close are both revealing, and concealing, so, yes, a fine paradox. ~

  2. to make the night laugh is a blessing

  3. I have been thinking of going back to the Redons, or some ekphrastic exercise since that was so interesting. This is a great deal of fun, especially in your unexpected use of words--the line of the more and the less--I especially like the white hot mess part--and the protectiveness of the lover, even as she is rather foxy (or here serpentine.) Well done! Almost there! I also like the idea of the harlequin disguise, perhaps disguising something not so happy underneath. k.

  4. what greater joy could there be than to make the night laugh?
    i'd rather a fool for love than be wise and bereft....

  5. This was like opening a box within a box, with each line I gained a little more and moved closer to the truth.

    Your middle stanza is so perfectly balance between the two images of more and less. That in itself is brilliant.

  6. That second stanza blew me away. Perfect.

  7. Nothing but love . . . perhaps, a little melancholia, but nothing other than love
    for your skill, intuition, timing and the offering of a potential healing as we orbit.
    best and thank you

  8. This is so very Joy-ous. S2 is great, love the snappy meter and rhyme of the whole thing, but I think my fav lines are in S3...all of S3 - lauging night, serpent smile, windblown eyes and of course the harlequin. You outta be a poet!

  9. This is glorious - "windblown eyes" - wow! I love "I made the night laugh".

  10. Not to take away from Redon, but I couldn't help but think of Picasso -- the Blue, the Rose, the harlequins. They have the whimsy, the tenderness, the sweetness, snap and mystery of this poem.

  11. All I can say is, there's nobody like my BFF. :-)

  12. ps--I love the "garden of chickens" on the side bar!!

  13. It takes a Perceval to find the Grail castle, and perhaps only the unluckly lover gets that we mortals only get to play at that angelic game That falling is the reward for Icarus' wax wings touching the sun. So the paradox here is that there is most joy in the dance that is but could never be. Luck is such a wyrd thing.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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