Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the Lost Island of the Technologically Challenged

This post was originally my attempt to add a backlink, and now it won't go away, so to avoid a dead spot sitting here uselessly asking for comments, I've posted an old picture of me in a funny hat with a fishhead, because, Why Not?



  1. Ah yes, the learning curve. Still on the upswing of it myself...

  2. At least nothing exploded.

    When I was using old post editor, I found it (not) charming the way it would randomly change the font or the spacing.

    I'm waiting for the day that I click on the wrong thing and shrieking sirens go off and men in uniforms and boots rapel through my windows. It could happen. ;-)

  3. Apparently I can't comment on Off The Shelf, but, like the acquaintance who plunges on with her story despite yawns and pointed watch checking, I am determined.

    I am not a Charles Bukowski fan. I read "Love Is A Dog From Hell" on a (male) friend's recomendation. To me it seemed like the same old Ode To A Backed-Up Drain sort of stuff I don't care for. BUT, I do like the poem you chose. Indeed, I was watching some dumb show (in fact, it was Dr Phil, which so revolted me that I write the poem you liked!) and he asked this woman to decide what her five most precious objects were. I thought about what mine would be, and two of them would be my current poetry notebook, and my favorite pen. Another would be my book log. (the other two would be my favorite dog's leash and my love notes from Beatrice.) So, I understand the poem from a deep place. I try to write as often as I can, with the thought that, one day, I will not be able to, because I will be dead, or being fed jello by a nurse named Lashonda who would rather be doing something, anything, else. And so I write.



  4. "wrote", not "write". I sound like I just got off the boat, for goodness sake.

  5. Ha! Yes, I never thought about my whole blog exploding. What a loss to humanity! ;)

    Yeah, wish you could comment on that page, but I haven't unlocked any mystic secrets that allow it yet. I'm ashamed to say, being an old hippie an all, that I'd never read Bukowski til a friend recently pointed him out to me. He and Ginsberg & the whole bad-boy beat thing have their merits but can get narcissistic and melodramatic, & running on booze, drugs, depression & wastrel-hood only get you so far. But I liked this poem, especially the lines about lots of poets, but poetry, not so much.

    Good to know that Dr Phil actually inspired some meaningful thoughts (above and beyond the poem)This whole blog is my attempt to rebirth the work from those same kind of priceless-to- me-but-old-paper-in-need-of-recycling to the rest of the world notebooks from when I was young & utterly angst ridden & had hormones and stuff, before I get to that Lashonda stage; much to my surprise it seems to have also made me see the world as a whole new notebook's worth of stuff to drool over before I become the crazy lady down the block with 47 cats; right now I only have dogs, so I feel I may have a few years left...;)

    Love that expression, 'off the boat' Like my grandparents used to say, 'this ain't the Old Country...'

  6. funny hat, fishhead=

    name of my next novel


  7. Glad to help out.Might not make the NYT bestsellers, tho. ;)


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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