Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Knife

The Knife

Sharp, gleaming,
cutting to the bone.
The love that’s forever outside
can only enter as a blade
piercing the skin to the heart beneath.

I send it back,
that outside love,
the knife
that cuts the hand that wields it,
as surely as it cuts me,
the blade that enters the heart
that craves it
in such an other way.

But the knife knows only cutting,
and so I send it back.

I keep instead
inside that unpierced globe,
the love that pours like water, that
cleans and floats
the heart, that could
wash the blood
from a hundred knives.

October 2010

photo: Voodoo Knife Block from


  1. Oh dear, I think I've known love like this... Had to return it too... Love this bit: that could
    Wash the blood From a hundred knives. Yes, that is true love... paternal, maternal, spousal, sibling etc., etc., true love.... Is 'an other' supposed to be 'an other' or should it be 'another'??

  2. Originally I had it as one word, do you think it works better that way? I thought the pause of the break might help the meaning, but if it doesn't, then it should go, especially if feels artificial.

    Thanks for your comments. I truly appreciate them.

  3. "Cuts like a knife, but it feels so right" - Bryan Adams

    Quite the sharp One Shot!

  4. beautiful...i like the it emphasis...nice one shot.

  5. Love prevails over violence and even death. Good poem.

  6. I agree about the break in an other. I really liked this poem.

  7. Its a good one and I agree, its the love that can wash the blood of 100 knives...
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  8. The love that pours like water...oh, love that line. Great use of knife metaphor throughout, well done!

  9. oOoo, nice. I love the contrast between steel and water, between longing and reality. Also, that the blade cuts the holder as well.

  10. Thanks all for your thoughtful comments. This is a metaphor that's been with me for a long time, particularly at night in those moments before sleep--it felt good to get it out. And it feels good also to get your feedback.

  11. good stuff! life's journey introduces us to pain and affliction and yet love conquers all.
    without pain we would never appreciate relief.

    thank you for writing and encouraging others to think!

  12. Wonderful poem! I feel as if you put words to emotions that I have not been able to speak...the flow and balance...stunning!

  13. wonderful write...excellent flow...and loved the sentiment...thanks for sharing pete

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  15. @tolbert means a lot after reading your work--very humbling.
    @lovely annie.
    & pete. Your words & support very welcome. Your sites are both bookmarked.

  16. Wow! This one does cut. Well done. The art piece is rather disconcerting but fits well. Nice!

  17. Thanks Jamie. I'm not a photographer so I have to cruise the internet for what I can find for pics--that one was a bit of luck.

  18. Simply stated, but far from simple-minded. Effective work.

  19. i love the poem
    and i love love love this pic

  20. @Steve& klfauds many thanks. Impressed by both your sites. Good stuff.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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