Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a Thought

Just a Thought

Do you think when you
ignore me
that I cease to exist?

The joke’s on you.
Someday I will.

And you
will still be
wasting all that time

ignoring nothing.

January 2011

Image: Fractal, Cave of the West Witch, Joe Guerin, source link


  1. Amen, sista. I love this. I read it, like, nine times.

    I am a great believer in now you see it now you don't. That's why I never ignore people I care for, and why I nauseatingly insist on telling them I love them every ding dong day. And never let the sun set on an argument. Life is too short and uncertain.

  2. I love it too, it made me smile. Whoever is ignoring you should stop it. Immediately. You are WAY too talented and interesting to be ignored:)

  3. It's funny...but so many people believe that the other person does cease to exist when they try to forget them (because really what is ignoring but a poor attempt at mental oblivion?). It must be a shock to them to realize that they not only continue to exist, but they continue to prosper.

  4. Wise words... wow
    I love it when people are this 'direct'

  5. Beautiful and wise, filled with a certain feminine anger towards stupid boys and their thoughts of knowing us when they actually don't.


  6. Thank you, all.

    @Kenia--you get extra points for reading more than one entry. Few do that, and its much appreciated. Thanks girl.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats