Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Moment

The Moment

In the flying moment
a wisp of smoke
fast twisting and gone  
a book of lost patterns,
pages blown away

In the silent moment
the bartender pours a river
between opening
and closing time,
unheard by the crowd

In the changing moment
room for everything
time for almost
nothing  before
the door swings shut

In the turning moment
light perfects an angle
shows a  golden texture
hones reality to a turquoise dress
two cigars and a laugh.

In the perfect moment
there’s only time to
breathe it in and exhale it,
catch the random and be it,
in the moment.

January 2011

Posted for One Shoot Sunday at the inimitable OneStopPoetry


  1. Amazing to consider all that happens in a moment, both personally and interpersonally——considering place, time, countless observations, and especially lost works or absorbing books. And when it comes down it it, couldn't agree more, catch the random and be in it! Well crafted ("Witch-crafted" lol) :)

  2. Why you little buddhist, you. When people say "be here now", I didn't know this was what they meant!

  3. PS-- I love what Dustus said about Witch-crafted! Fits our crafty word-witch to a tee.

  4. Just hope everyone's happy to see that for once I wrote a non-dark, non-depressing, non-disillusioned take on a prompt. Not easy for the witchy one, folks. ;-)

    Thanks much you two.

  5. I love it, Hedgewitch. Especially the bartender "pouring a river" and reality honed to "a turqouise dress, two cigars and a laugh". So well done.

  6. who are you and what have you done with hedgewitch?

  7. shhhhh...she hasn't been able to conjure past that goober dust 'round her bed yet...

  8. ahhh yes moments are fleeting but not un-catchable.

  9. two cigars and a laugh.../catch the random and be it,/ in the moment.

    And in the background I hear the ting a ting of nipping glasses and Al Martino singing Spanish Eyes...but I'm too old to remember where I was sitting :)

  10. Fantastic, really like this, you capture this social realm of the "moment" with wonderful lines!!! Much enjoyed!!! :)

  11. Joy,


    "a river . . . time"

    "time for . . . swings shut"

    "breathe it in . . .in the moment"


    This holds together in its irony. The moment of perceived 'perfection' that is only a moment of waste.

    (I'll have mine neat)

  12. Just lovely, hedgewitch! It's incredibly neat reading the wonderful creations that come from the same photo prompt.

  13. Wow, Hedgewitch! I love this concept! I'm really impressed by how you're able to take a single moment and show how it's all connected--what's seen and not seen. Great writing here.

  14. This is so depressing . . .

    Had to say it! I particularly like the image of the bartender pouring a river between open and close.

  15. I love to how you catch the moment to be in Shay commented ...Buddha would aprove....nice...bkm

  16. Thanks all, appreciate the input always.

    @TFool: Everything is irony, and everything is perfect, and...and..stuff.

    @MZ: Thanks for trying to salvage my reputation.

  17. Oh, this is good. And that turquoise dress in the background - more important than we first realize. Really like this.

  18. Catch the moment there may only be one ...

    Nicely penned. Sundays are hard for me to write up a prompt - thanks so much for being part and sharing your fantastic work.

    Moonie Smiles

  19. those moments... are always going up in smoke

  20. that's the beautiful thing about living...

    you get to experience every changes moment

    great writing here
    - SY

  21. who knew there was such a variety of moments in the moment? - awesome! maybe I will try to stay there more often :)

  22. catch the random

    My favourite occupation! :)

  23. nice. so much going on in that moment between inhale and exhale...but you captured it....

  24. I love it, Joy! In the perfect moment, the apex of the many moments, there's but time for a breath, the complete cycle of life! And the structure you used is as masterfully crafted as your other poems.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  25. A beautiful feeling and flow to this poem. Especially love "book of lost patterns".


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats