Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poisoned Apple

Poisoned Apple

Green like money
Red like hell
Golden with promise
Eat the apple, innocents...
You won’t feel the poison
till tomorrow.

Before then you have time
to buy a box of gold
some ammo
to keep the brown ones down...

Plenty of time to
take a warm bible bath
move the constitution 
to your toilet paper spindle
use that flag of your fathers
for a blindfold
and kill my enemies.

You don’t have to grab, my child.
It’s all yours, my gift...
Shriveled dead skin.
Rotted pulp
Fermented and infested.
Did you like the apple?

Why don’t you answer?

January 9, 2011


  1. A warm bible bath!

    I have been watching, as so many of us have, the coverage of this sickening event. I wonder at what point we began to lose the ability to simply disagree in this country, without the hate, the rhetoric, and the violence.

    It's a beautifully written poem, my friend, but more than that, you've spoken to a very disturbing trend that's come to this horrifying event. I keep thinking abiout that nine year old girl who was killed. Who's to say she wouldn't one day have been the great leader we'll need? And whether she would have been a leader or a carhop, what does it mean when we start shooting each other's children? It's ugly. Thanks for being brave enough to write about it.

  2. Ugh. I was twittering and writing about that all day yesterday with other journalists. What a terrible thing - so many dead for God-knows-why. That poor little girl, that judge, and all the other victims...I am shocked, but moved to see that Giffords has managed to survive - I only wonder how badly she will come out of this in the end.

    A moving entry, though. Powerful. Would that tragedy need not have preceded it.

  3. Exactly son works for Safeway in CA and messaged me before it hit the news....the reasoning behind this will always be beyond reasoning....any one who spills blood in anger will never find rest....and what justice is ever served??...bkm

    Again, moving entry....

  4. Yes. And, it's poisoning us all, I'm afraid.

  5. Thanks hedgewitch for your stirring insight into a tragedy which is beyond my comprehension.

  6. Seems so many have bitten into it...

    Heartbreaking...and soul destroying.

  7. Joy Ann, I am proud that you were able to write
    about such a horrible event. One of the reasons we moved out of the country, was because of the increased violence. Two years before we moved a boy was shot in broad daylight at the church around the corner from our house. We lived in an upper middle class neighbourhood. Then came 911 and my husband sold the house. It is heartbreaking what has happened to a country that was built on great principles.
    Thanks for the write.

  8. Love this - powerful strong writing

  9. The poison apple, what a way to weave current events. There are so many layers now, with the representative having a previous engagement with the shooter and his instability. Makes me wonder.

    Good job! Very cutting but true, which is what this world needs!

  10. Great poem. Poisoned apple.... excellent metaphor. I will be using that in the future :)

  11. woa.. tis is powerful - love it! here’s my new year potluck-

  12. Green like money
    Red like hell
    Golden with promise..

    powerful and witty lines.
    well done,


  13. How do I like those apples? Not so much - and I usually LOVE apples!

    Nice piece.

  14. Sounds like the Witch tempting Snow White! Powerful images here. Great write.

  15. So intense are your words. Very sad, indeed.

  16. P.S. Cheer up, or I'll come over there and smack your bottom!

    Or I won't. (Whichever's worse!)

  17. It seems like tragic events serve to bring us together, but why do we have to have that kind of event to make that happen? Your poetry as a response is most powerful and beautifully written. Thank you for expressing what we are all feeling.

  18. I love the phrase "warm bible bath." You capture feelings of anger and hypocrisy very well here. Love it.

  19. Based on historical evidence; yesterday's tragedy, today's outrage. tomorrow's landfill.

  20. ..A nightmare..we place flowers and candles once more..your poem really cut through all the bull..and told the truth..

  21. This somehow reminds me of the old fairytale of Snow White being offered a poisoned apple by the wicked witch! But this one is reality! Beautifully written!

  22. Yes ma'am. On this we have no divergence and in this you speak truth. Thank you.

  23. Greetings from Tucson. Love the line about taking a warm bible bath and moving the constitution to the toilet paper spindle.
    I know Gabby Giffords, and she is just as sweet as everyone says. Everyone here is keeping their fingers crossed. My poem addresses the same topic.

  24. Oh wow.. this was a tight one, Joy!
    That third stanza was super powerful - a killer, I would say!!
    Addresses blind faith really well! Very impressive... whheewww!!
    I share your sentiments 100% here!


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats