Friday, January 28, 2011

Musical Interlude ~Who Will The Next Fool Be?~ Various Artists

This is an old Charlie Rich song I have a particular fondness for, having lived it several times. I'm including the original version, by Charlie Rich himself, and an unusual take by Mark Knopfler and zucherro. Last, there's my personal favorite, one by the best band that never made it, the Amazing Rhythm Aces.

So take your pick, kick back with your beverage of choice, and enjoy.


  1. excellent song, i played the original twice!

  2. I agree with MZ, it's a great song that I had not heard. Too bad the Charlie Rich cuts off prematurely. I love what I suppose must now be called "Old Country" as distinguished from that idiot noise called Young Country.

    The second version was cool. I could have lived without a solid minute of them discussing what key to use, but once it got started I liked it! What business does some Italian guy have singing the blues so well? He reminded me a bit of Joe Cocker, a favorite of mine.

    The last one is indeed the best. LOVED it. The song itself reminds me somewhat of "Night Life."

    This was a treat. I hope you will do more musical interludes in the future. :-)

  3. Yeah, it's a shame about the first vid cutting off--but it was the only original recording of Rich--the rest were of later vintage and awfully syruppy. And the visuals on the Aces one were awful--but hey, you get what you don't pay for on the youtubes.

    Glad you guys enjoyed.

  4. I haven't heard Charlie Rich in years. That was lovely. And who can't relate to being a fool in love?

  5. Bluesy oooo like it. Charlie Rich takes me back to my parent's collection.

    Ah maybe she will come to her senses

  6. Joy,

    I didn't want to dip into the second and third versions, but the Charlie Rich took me back to that era of the 45 on the junior high turntable during Friday night 'hops'.

    When the next slow dance plays?


  7. nothing like a good blues!


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