Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Flash 55 ~ San Francisco Farewell

Forever... It Will Stay.

San Francisco Farewell


In fog we breathed the exhaling breath of the earth and sea, and like plants the exhales sustained us. I left you many times before the last time, because our breathing was a joint effort; alone I was gasping too hard to walk far. But life was my ventilator. Now I inhale my own fog.


Fog touched the streetlights and made them
Glowing balloons that slowly faded and shrank
As the fog of life compressed and swallowed us
Leaving only a shrunken skin
Without a shape

So many fires to put out
So few rainbows
But the silent clouds
Don’t want to talk about it anymore.

February 2011

Two 55's for the price of one. Such a deal, and only for the G-Man and friends

a celebration in 55 words

( Last stanza of poem has appeared previously as some of my twitter poetry)
Image: San Francisco Classic Street Lights And Fog, by Chaz Hawley copyright 2007


  1. Oh, the month of February so beautifully described!

    The like the way you use Fog as the metaphor of Life !

  2. mmmm my romantic city - I think I lost a boyfriend in the fog in SF once

    Love, life, fog - I'm inspired

  3. Fog in SF and in life, both a reality for me. These are lovely 55s.

  4. smiles. i rather like the fog...and the mystery it long as you are breathing fog not

  5. Great pics but I thought you were going with the falling into the ocean! Very well written!

    Without Words is my 55 this week.

  6. The city never became what we thought it would become. But then most of us were just traveling through on our way to somewhere else and the fog was not so hindering.

  7. dreamy imagery,

    when a place becomes history,
    it evokes much fonder or more beautiful memories..

    Enjoyed your remarkablke 55 here.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. remarkable, not remarkabike, ooops.

    Forgive me!
    Glad 2 read you today, you are missed at JP.

    Keep inspiring!

  9. Normally I chide those that write TWO 55's..
    Yours were different.
    Yours were very descriptive and cool!
    Just Like YOU!!!
    Loved your City By The Bay entries Joy Ann...
    You Rock The World.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for solving my very easy 55 mystery, and have a Kick Ass Week-End..G

  10. this makes me feel kind of heartsore, you know?

    i wrote a 55, too.

  11. I like the first one, but i LOVE the second one, especially the ending.

    I can feel that fog, permeating everything.

  12. love the second one especially! thanks.

  13. To breathe on our own after a joint effort takes time and dedication, but it's so worth it. Fog is so all-enveloping - you captured that essence so beautifully, hedgewitch.

  14. Thanks all--I'm about to start checking everyone else's efforts.

    @G-Man--no no! Not the chiding! (Thanks for letting me bend the rules.)

    @FB & twm--I think I had a few too many hits of Brautigan, but sometimes the City does come back and haunt.

  15. Well captured. I love the inspiration fog brings.

  16. . . and both of them very accomplished!

  17. I should show this to my son. He just broke up with his girlfriend, and would totally get this where a few months ago, he wouldn't.

  18. I fell in love with this city during my first visit - a short layover at 18, en route to Hawaii. I've now lived here for 34 years and I'll only leave here ( though I've traveled to 34 countries and 25 Caribbean islands ) when death takes me. I loved this double 55.

    Mine is at:

  19. Hauntingly beautiful. Both go together perfectly. "So many fires to put out, so few rainbows." Loved this one very much, Joy!

  20. i have love san francisco on my visits there. never experienced the fog though. i'm sure it gives a completely different feel.

  21. both of these are beautiful but that first one took my breath away.

  22. Wowww... this really painted a sublime picture of SF before my eyes... all the times I have been there, I have left with a romantic film over my eyes.. and your poem did that to me again!
    So beautifully said in a double 55, Joy... thanks for sharing these...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, my dear friend!

  23. And to you, Kavita. V. Day is your kind of holiday, I would think.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats