Sunday, February 13, 2011

Optional Media Accompaniment to "Coming and Going"

Two versions, the original, and Diane Krall.


  1. I first heard Joni sing this great heartbreaking song in 1975, and I have never changed my mind about it being one of the best I've ever heard. I've loved a bunch of bitter-but-sweets and they do get under one's skin and in one's blood like holy wine. It's a glorious, stupid, painful, addictive altered state. I doubt I'll ever give it up.

  2. Just to bring everything down to idiot level, my word verification was flysunot. Fly snot!

  3. HA! Those things are psychic sometimes...

    I was a bit hesitant about including the Krall version--it's so slow and winding--but decided she really gave it her own touch. The original is hard to beat, though...I remember when this album came out, I bought it and listened to it till people would leave my apartment when I'd turn on the record player...another one from that album that gets me every time is "California" I'm sure it will be a musical interlude someday...

  4. Joni is Joni and that is SO special... hey but Diana has that voice two... wow
    Love this song good for the day being

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