Wednesday, November 2, 2011



First we met in the dance of knives
your long blond hair flying
your pointed ears pricked for danger.
Though your breath came in
gasps and whirls,
you danced with the grace of a serpent king
from dead Atlantis, rippling and
dodging me at every turn.

Each step was a mystery
complete, a chasm between real and myth
into which you easily lured my
fall, but in the end my skill
was higher, my years with the blade
longer, and I held you at last
at the end of a thin deadly point

but I couldn’t take
your life. I wanted you
dancing instead in my bed
but you spied
the snake beneath the silver circlet,
and turned to run.

Then of course,
I had to kill you
wake up.

November 2011

Said it before--I don't ask for these dreams, I just have them.

Image: Queen of Swords,Minor Arcana, Rider-Waite Tarot, 
~via wikipedia 


  1. I often read the Queen of Swords as a domineering figure, aloof and confident. Your poem describes her perfectly. Not that she's evil, rather she knows exactly what she wants and will take nothing less. And the taking has no regrets. I love the last line. I picture it delivered deadpan, with a slight shrug of the shoulder, an acceptance of fate. "Then of course, I had to kill you..."

  2. And which was it, I wonder? No matter, when it's a mystery complete. I love it all: the poem, the queen of swords, and the power she holds over herself most of all. Very nicely done.

  3. then of course i had to kill you or wake keep snakes in your bed? smiles..actually the each step a mystery stanza was my fav....

  4. Wonderful, I love it; I did laugh aloud and again at your comment/tags; excellent sword work.

  5. Wow, your dreams are fantastic!!!!! Your subconscious hands you a perect poem, acted out. No fair, mine are all about babysitting and peeing dogs!!!!

  6. What do you EAT before sleeping??? LOL! I want these dreams!

    This is such an exciting poem, Joy. I fell right into the imagery and there I wanted to stay....and you woke up? LOL!

    Wonderful piece...would like to see this as a series.

    Lady Nyo

  7. Something tells me that the babbling skull of your dreams speaks wildly because listen to it was something close enough for rapture. And the great thing about dreams - and poems - is that they're even better read upside down. So to the loser the spoils. Eh tu, your high en gard-ness! - Brendan

  8. Thanks all. Much appreciate you stopping by the dreamscape.

    @Ruth: I actually in the real dream pursued a verbal persuasion route, but that's so much less dramatic. ;_)

    @B: The skull was in fine post-Samhain form, I can tell ya. This was an amazingly vivid dream, down to the colors and the sweat on the brow, and the intricate dance steps, which in real life would have me on the ground with my throat cut in < a nanosecond. But the great part about dreams, and poetry, besides their upside down-ness, is their wonderful malleability to the pen. Thanks for the hit, 'a most palpable hit.'

  9. I have some pretty vivid dreams myself, awesome to hear you share yours. The piece is very good, but it's the subtlety of what the single circlet insinuates/symbolizes for me that pushes the piece up that additional level. I also find it wonderful that you used the tarot here, I know you've used them before in pieces, but for a piece related a dream experience, it's just too perfect that you did, as I'm sure you're aware that some dream interpreters utilize the deck to delve deeper into dream's symbolic nature. Great read, thanks:)

  10. I'm trying to figure out the snake. A lot hinges upon its being seen, but i am not sure what it means. Anyway, I too love the ending.

  11. Crazy fun and awesome word play. Laughed out loud I did!

  12. Amazing Queen of Swords dream-tale.....


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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