Friday, November 25, 2011

Musical Interlude~Thankful I 've Got Ears

Just some rock and roll and stuff, that I listen to on days like this. Browse through and hopefully find something you can enjoy.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

That's Bullets--not Bull, folks.

 Some classic Zep; Page does some wicked things with a violin bow here:

Personal favorite:

And for Brendan--this might be why Hendrix was number one on that Rolling Stones Top 100 Guitarists List:

Though Stevie Ray's version ain't too shabby:

Not to mention, David Gilmour at Royal Albert Hall, showing why he should have at least made the top ten:

Finally since she couldn't get behind Steve Earle, some psychedelica for Fireblossom, the original Time, all eleven minutes of it:

Happy Holidays, All. I'll be back on deck with some poetry tomorrow.


  1. i am glad you have ears as well otherwise you would look kinda funny...smiles....some great me some zep....just pulled out about 10 bootleg tapes from my stash at my parents to relisten to ...cream and are right up my alley hedge...

  2. Thanks for the smorgasboard, Hedge -- Just about all of them remind me of Emerson when he said, "talent may frolic and juggle, but genius realizes and adds." So many ways to entrance a spirit out of the wood of a guitar, such a pantheon to awaken. Watching Hendrix forty years later he's still a mystery, still doing things everyone else is catching up with. He's not my fave guitarist, but I can see how he is Number One in the rock monster bestiary. Stevie Ray played the same song with the guitar reversed (back the other way, since Hendrix played left-handed) and made a Hendrix something other, perhaps the toughest thing someone can attempt. Guitarists like Neil Young show the power of garage-band riffs played with passion, and Jimmy Page's handle as Dragon shows in this clip - that when he gets going, no one can tell where he'll wing to. Is that Stones clip from a recent album? I haven't listened to anything new from them for 20 years. My wife thinks there's nothing uglier than a rock n roller who won't get off the stage, but there are some Strolling Bones who play it a purely as when they had the testosterone to match it. Love that Linyard Skinyard, as Walter Cronkite called 'em. Southern boogie was the sourmash I fell into when I moved south; no one could do it like those boys from Jacksonville. - Brendan

  3. How my naked ears were tortured
    By the Sirens sweetly singing....

    Happy Thanksgiving Joy Ann

  4. Glad you guys took a stroll down rock n roll alley with me here, and brought your own ears.

    @B It's from Bridges to Babylon (1997)Recent is such a relative term. ;_)I think it's one of their better barely known cuts, myself, though Saint of Me and Out of Control were the big songs from that LP. Interesting sidenote factoid--Powderfinger, the song Neil Young does here in all its weirdness, he originally wrote for Skynyrd, just before the plane crash wiped the band out, so they never cut the tune. Somehow I just can't see that song going top 40, but I love the guitar riff.

  5. Time! Ha!

    I have always loved "Tales", and all of the Peter Brown poetry in some of the Cream songs.

  6. @FB TIME.......TIME.....time... Whiz bang whir, etc. *BIG PULSING PAISLEY*

    And yeah, on the Cream--That whole album(Disraeli Gears) pretty much rocked--Strange Brew my personal fave on it.

  7. Stones......and then TIME! Thanks for these. I feel much better now.

  8. Great take Joy! To have ears is not common. Just wonder why some are not moved by music.



"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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