Monday, November 28, 2011

Young Republican Blues

Young Republican Blues
An Ode to Coal Black

When Coal Black sings the Blues
the Blues get scairt.
They hide behind their dumpster
until daylight 
burns them dead.
Or hitch a ride in a rustbucket 58
Apache pickup 
Bubba stole from the farm
lookin for a lost highway
to Hot Lanta just to get some relief
from that Bourbon Street funeral
gris gris mardi gras beat.

When Coal Black moans the Blues
the cats come out
from every secret basement
every graveyard pine
they wrap around her
feet complete, feral ankle bracelets
purring castanets with claws,
brushing off all the mud and blood
from that blue snake tattoo
that winds up her knee
till she yawns and falls asleep
on the Young Republicans' lawn
where they don't purr but
let her be cuz
they're all a bunch of pussies

November 2011

Character used with the kind permission of the real Coal Black
usually found singin the blues here at her House of Pain
unless she's feeding the animals at Shay's Word Garden


  1. hell yes! coal is one cool cat...hmmm...must have missed the memo on her write...damn republican pussies

  2. Well it might not be a tatt--could be a real snake.

  3. aw shucks. this post is finer than frog hair, miss hedge! i thank ya kindly.

    wait til i tell ole flubpossum about this. she gonna flip!

  4. That's cool--I've heard flippin is one of the things she does best. (Usually involves a finger, not a pancake or her wig, tho.)

  5. Coal Black is brassy, vulgar, easy, profane and cheap. But I shouldn't gush!

  6. You left out the smart-ass part, otherwise of course, I completely agree.

  7. Joy,
    Agreed, Coal Black is brash and all but what of it! I would say that. It's something different and most welcomed and we like it. Great verse!


  8. Lots of smiles for Coal Black and your poem, and the comments.

  9. Nothing like a portrait painted from the insides. Praise indeedy. (Eat 'em all, Coal. Eat two for me.) You major babes rule, all of youse. - Brendan

  10. Perfect, hedgewitch. Totally enjoyed!

  11. Thanks all--sometimes its good to just play.

  12. Coal is not cheap! She is moderately priced.

  13. Affordable, in fact? Good to see you, MZ.

  14. And there is the Apache; I am saddened.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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