Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Briar Girl

The Briar Girl

The briar girl
has her post on the fenceline,
all around thorns
all around tangle.
Her gown's a vine,
a vine's her breath
of briar's blood-drawing
of needles and knives,
and her hair is razors.

She was an oak
before the change had her,
before she took lightning
for lover,
thorn for her cover.
Now she's dismembered;
you can't say disarmed,
doubled over and peeling
old skin for new 

but still green
green as god's eyes
in her broken glass dress,
death's living disguise.

~April 2013

Dear readers--having back issues again, and while I am striving to stick to a poem a day, may not be able to return visits for a bit, as sitting upright here is the usual torture when this happens. If I miss you, please forgive me, and I will be back around as soon as I can.

Image: the briar maid, © joyannjones


  1. I enjoy the stark nature of this. your form and cadence are equally striking. I know her, this girl. lightening/ for lover esp. wonderful. She has bitten me and left scars. Your labels really have me smiling.

  2. This is a spectacular write - and image - of the briar, all thorny, having taken lightning for a lover, her breath and hair razor-sharp - and the broken glass dress. Your images are always so original, so far beyond my reach I can only admire.

  3. This conjures up thoughts of mystery and timeless allure. I like the way you sequenced your images in the opening stanza, the lightning lover and the green glass dress.

  4. before she took lightning
    for lover,
    thorn for her cover.
    Now she's dismembered; progression in that hedge...that dress at the end as well...the disguise...wicked good imagery (and with feeling)...

  5. "before she took lightning
    for lover,
    thorn for her cover."

    That is just glorious.

    Stay warm, stay dry, and feel better!

  6. Good write, I hope you feel better. I am sorry.

  7. Nature as one with all....
    Sorry about the back Joy
    We can come to you....:-)

  8. So much here to get entangled in my briar girl.

    Dream up dream much for promises and pain

    May quick healing be yours Hedge.

    Your friar friend,

  9. This is just wonderful. What happens to many. Great there is still green there -- maybe can become like sea glass after a time. So sorry about your back. k. Not bothering to post as anyone but the outlaweyer. k.

  10. Green as God's eyes. That's awfully good, and so is the broken glass dress. The whole transformation is awful, and in its way, also beautiful. It's violent and diminishing, but also has its own dignity. Weird. Leave it to our own Witchy to come up with this rare concoction.

  11. She defines what it means to survive! The second stanza just rolls off the tongue and then the mood switches with the third - for me it defines her as a surviver come hell or high water.

  12. The last line of my original comment stands for your new one as well, but as good as this poem is, your new one transcends it.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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