Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Brief ode To Coffee

A Brief Ode To Coffee
in two cups


I had two cups
and two cups is enough
if not too much
some people say

but I took more;
what if my stomach roared
or I began to slightly
because O
for quite awhile
I was awake.


Silk vanilla hazelnut,
sweeter than a slipper of champagne,
I had two cups.

Two cups were not enough,
you made it plain.
Silk vanilla hazelnut,

one kiss was not enough
to make it plain;
quicker than a slipper of champagne,

we drank the pot
we brewed, grateful in the main
I had two cups.

~April 2015

posted for

National Poetry Month with Magaly Guerrero
 Write a sensual poem dedicated to coffee or tea or to both. 

I was unhappy with my first effort--not very sensual, and a bit dry for one of the loves of my life, delicious hot fresh brewed coffeee, the elixir of Life, so I rewrote a bit of it and made another cup in the cascade form.  I really wish I could tackle something more ambitious but my April beans are running low.

Image: rock coffee 3D abstract wallpaper, via google,    source


  1. Cheers! Love the verses and the subject!

  2. You wanton, you! You made it sound so irresistible, especially silk vanilla hazelnut!

  3. It may be you need a third cup, but I am finding your two ighty satisfying. Drinking them is an experience itself that needs no accompaniment--thoughit is nice to have someone make it for you.

  4. I only limit myself to one cup at a time when I have coffee and it needs to be the good stuff. Oh, but when its the good stuff...mmmm, bliss!

  5. LOVE this! Especially the second one..........made me long for a cup, LOL.

  6. I have an inexplicable desire for a good strong cup of coffee right now!

    1. As long as I don;t make you want a cigarette...;_)

  7. I think the beans are doing just fine, and certainly grinding and percolating away. Though I too feel deeply fatigued, so can imagine there's plenty to go around. This so clever, and very sensual in fact, wonderful sound, and the cascade worked super well. How's that for not very articulate? ?? The poem deserves a more insightful comment! Maybe I better get some caffeine! k.

    1. Ha! You managed a whole paragraph without repeating wonderful or any other adjective--I am deeply impressed. And grateful. Thanks, k. ;_)

  8. I'll take coffee over champagne any day. Mmmmmmmmm. Nice writing. Makes me want to go back to the grocery store and pick up some fru fru coffee. :-)

  9. Lovely writing. Coffee is beautiful but I have had the late night sleepless jitters from it. Silk vanilla hazelnut sounds awesome.

  10. Don't apologize for any part of this. I also love coffee, with milk or cream or black, as long as it doesn't have sugar in it.
    I'm impressed that you got past the middle of the month and are still writing. I was able to do it one year, but just that once, and never since.

  11. I have never cared for vanilla hazelnut. But right now, I want to cups.

    For some reason, your voice (inside my head) got all smokey as the lines were read. I tasted that coffee, and I want more. Yum.

  12. I would be jealous, but I know that many share my passion for this dark temptress/tempter. So wicked and sly, showing a vanilla hazelnut face to one, and a double mocha face to the next. No incubus or succubus ever had such irresistible charms!

  13. I liked it oh so much...let's brew another!

  14. For me it's tea... But oh, what a love affair we've had all these years. Almost, you made me want to switch to coffee. :)

  15. what is it about hazelnut? mine is black, please, and i'm on cup two ~


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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