Friday, April 10, 2015

Love Charm

Love Charm

Love is a charm;
a foamy morning philtered
in dark rich tea
or coffee on the tongue,
a need that is a pleasure
that is a habit; a luxury, necessity
to make life awake a possibility.

Love is a charm wound up
with eyes unblinded; I love you
in your presence
or your absence
because you are the soil of what I am,
to seed each evening with these antiphons
to flower stones or miracles on our bones.

I love you, charmed or no,
even so and even though
you've done your best to go;
pain runs like colors in the sun,
but love can only stay behind;
a candle calling out upon a table,
a night-bird or a rain-smell on the wind,
a medicine that brews itself again.

~Nov, 2014, rev April 2015

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Poetry For The Blood, Flesh, Bone And Spirit
Today, Magaly wants us to sing about the healing of the flesh and of the spirit:
"Our poems should read like a relaxation chant; every line should unwind us to the bone."

antiphon:noun; 1. a verse or song to be chanted or sung in response. 2. Ecclesiastical. a psalm, hymn, or prayer sung in alternate parts.

Still Life with Drawing Board, Pipe,Onions and Sealing Wax, 1889, by Vincent Van Gogh
Old Woman with a Candle,  17th Century, by Gerrit Dou
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  1. This is a most amazing affirmation of love. The second stanza is particularly soothing in its sense of a love that renews itself in the rituals of daily life.

  2. Oh, my! This is meditative and lovely. I particularly like the first stanza.

    1. I agree, on both counts. To compare love with coffee--that elixir of life--and to do so without it coming out sounding like a meme or something--is just the kind of thing you do so well that it appears nonchalant until your readers try to do it themselves and the page looks back at us, laughing.

  3. Your words always come into my soul and sit a spell. That is a very good thing for me.

  4. So beautiful. My heart expanded as I read "because you are the soil of what I am," and "pain runs but love can only stay behind; a candle calling out upon a table, a rain-smell on the wind," I can see that candle, flickering, but standing as a beacon to bring the loved one home.

  5. Oh wow...calming yet filled with gentle tears...beautiful XXX

  6. The healing potential of love, passionate or quiet, is a force to be reckoned with. I also feel the idea of healing and hexing being two sides of the same coin when moving from second to third paragraph.

  7. Agree with Kerry. A new favorite. Startling in its aptness, and yet age old too in its rightness. It is really lovely. I love all the stanzas--"to make life awake a possibility" seems to me a very strong line, but all of it--Really a terrific poem. k.

  8. Love is "a need that is a pleasure
    that is a habit; a luxury..."

    Every truth sang by your poem makes my heart want to dance. The lines above, inspire my soul to soar, and scream, "Yes!"

    Love the charm you've weaved, from beginning to end... and the idea of the center of the charm "brewing itself" anew is just fantastic. It would never end... ♥

  9. I so love this, I have a problem with this 'relaxation mantra' prompt, but this transports me to the zone.

  10. I've not read a poem quite like this from you, and I like it. "even so and even though" -- I can almost see that line hanging (indeed like a charm). "pain runs like colors in the sun,/ but love can only stay behind"--that couplet is very beautiful.

    1. I'm trying to not depress people as much. ;_) Thanks, Mark.

  11. it's that last line that gets me: the renewal, the balm, the hope. positively positive :) ~

  12. I really love the Crane on the sideboard and was reading more of him--here's one you may like:

    A Man Said to the Universe
    A man said to the universe:
    “Sir, I exist!”
    “However,” replied the universe,
    “The fact has not created in me
    A sense of obligation.”


    1. Yes, that's a favorite too--he doesn't have a large body of work, so I have read most of him, and I especially love his laconic style, very modern considering when he wrote. Most nights I'm trying to read a 'new' poem, that is, one I haven't read before, but when I'm tired, I cheat and read one of those that I have long loved in my bones, like the Rossetti, or this Crane. Last night it was Auden---ended up reading about sixteen of his instead of one. :P

  13. Well, this absolutely sings, I thought so even before reading what the prompt was.
    " because you are the soil of what I am,
    to seed each evening with these antiphons
    to flower stones or miracles on our bones."
    just stunning.

  14. Beautiful... I don't know what else to say. I loved it.


"We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, out of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry." ~William Butler Yeats

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